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SoftPro programme complex: Land cadastre was created on the basis of the legendary Teren-ZIS system, which was elaborated in 2001-2004 with client-server architecture using progressive for that days visual programming means such as Delphi 5.0., Interbase database management system (DBMS), GIS MapInfo 5.0 and ОS Windows 2000 (Windows NT).

During more than 10 years of system exploitation period considerable changes in hardware and universal system programme means of computer technologies came about, therefore to provide a further 
reliable and effective application of Teren-ZIS system database there appeared a need of new modules creating, that will make it possible to carry out a transfer of all its informational resources and interface programmes into the medium of a modern DBMS, which will be constantly supported and updated synchronously with development and updates of operating systems and other universal programme means.

So appeared a follower - SoftPro programme complex: Land cadastre, which maintains the best achievements of Teren-ZIS and evolves functional present-day possibilities, focusing attention on effectiveness increase, exploitation reliability and further system development on the basis of transfer of all its informational resources and programmed components into open object-relational DBMS like PostgreSQL, programmed means of open GIS and unifіed geoinformational web-services.



Subsystem of geospatial database of land cadastre objects management
Subsystem of cartographical visualization
Subsystem of land cadastre geoportal
Subsystem of normative monetary valuation of agrarian areas
Subsystem of rental payment calculation


formation of typical requests to database and generation of reports are being elaborated by means of built-in SQL-functions, that are being created and supported by PostgreSQL DBMS means
formation of interactive object form with complete structure of its attributes and information from mixed tables to review and to document them operatively
administration of system database within PostgreSQL medium of DBMS by means of system utilite like pgAdmin III
preparation and editing of geospatial data both in separate shape-files formate and directly in a base of geospatial date within PostgreSQL medium of DBMS with PostGIS extension open QGIS system is used
formation of objects list and corresponding screenful list-navigator for an interactive register review
selection of objects from a register by interactive application of a filter on a set of register objects attributes significance
synchronization of a navigator and an electronic map with the help of a special command and a programme to represent selected objects in a register on a map and the other way round
formation of interactive object form with complete structure of its attributes and information from mixed tables to review and to edit them operatively
data export of selected objects set of register into exchangeable formats
creating of new entries in the register and completion of its attributes interactive form
choosing one object or a group of them with the use of a navigator
entries of objects set import in exchangeable formats into a register database
data export/import operations with the use of different exchangeable formats
XML-format of an exchangeable file of the State land cadastre system
files with plots of land inventorying results in in4 format
geospatial data in formats of ArcGIS shape-files and Mid-Mif or GIS MapInfo tab-files
SQL file of database reserve copying or its separate tables
formatted text files for export/import of attributes tables of non-spatial database objects
GeoJson formats for web-mapping of geospatial data vectorial models



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