General information

We continue to improve technology of topographical maps and plans creating.

We follow all norms of elaboration.

Since 2008 we unite our own elaborations with a world experience of GIS-industry leaders.

Development of geoinformational technologies improved instruments in a sphere of digital cartography.

Our technology of maps and plans creating makes it possible to rise a work quality and to reduce working expenses.
It provides profitable conditions for our clients.

The technology supports vector formats of data such as: SHP; GDB / MDB - ArcGIS / ArcView; MID / MIF; TAB - MapInfo Prof; DWG / DXF; SDF - Autodesk Autocad / Autocad Map.
It is possible to negotiate about other formats, for example, DMF - Digitals and so on.

The client gets an actual jointless topographical plan or a locality map in a digital vector format.

For every vector layer a table of attributive information with obligatorily indicated topographical code and other characteristics is being filled.

By client’s request on the base of a digital layer variants of maps and plans, their fragments for print on hard data medium are being registered.


Service composition

Creating of digital vector topographical maps and plans with the scale to be 1 to 2 000 and smaller
Updating of topographical maps and plans with the scale to be 1 to 2 000 and smaller
Vectorization of existing topographical maps and plans with any scale
Adaptation of vector maps and plans for city planning tasks
Creating of thematic maps and schemes for special tasks and different territories




Basic factors of works cost preliminary evaluation are:

- list of tasks, which the client proposes to solve by means of mapping;

- area and configuration of mapping boundaries;

- location of a mapping object;

- availability of topographical mapping materials of the previous years on a requested territory;

- coordinate system.


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If Softpro technologies interested you and you are concerned about introducing them on your own resources we will share a supplementary practical information regarding possibilities of an application.

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