Development and automation of online-pharmacies

General information

We created one of the first online-pharmacies in Ukraine.

We know details of this business owing to dozens of projects in pharmaceutics.

Since 2010 web-elaboration department created several projects for online-pharmacy. We elaborate a functional according to specific clients’ business processes. Our clients are: Lyekpharm, Algo-Pharm, Eko-apteka and their projects satellites. For adequate money we create valuably working and profitable resource, which does not require your extra efforts and expenses. We reliably structurize and optimize catalogues of hundreds of thousands drugs and accompanying goods positions. We are creators and we also work up any modules for the concrete client. Owing to SoftPro e-commerce system Mercury we realize different commerce and marketing instruments. Our Cart contains: - Module of an automatic delivery type choice from housing estate; - Module of courier services choice; - Module of review courier services warehouses addresses (representation on a mini-map); - Module of automatic choice of payment way depending on the delivery type; - Automatic price recomputation. Depending on the delivery type goods price is being recomputed. Price diversity in different customer pickup points is taken into account; - Intellectual system of goods availability; - Change of goods quantity and order sum in a cart; - Samples of letters to the client and to the manager with an information concerning an order.

Composition of the service

Оптимізація діючої онлайн-аптеки
Створення унікального сучасного дизайну
Розробка нових функцій
Синхронізація зі стороннім програмним забезпеченням (1С, інші бухгалтерські, складські, банківські і інші програми)
Розробка порталу фармацевтичної мережі
Персональний кабінет клієнта аптеки
Бронювання ліків на сайтах і синхронізація з касовими апаратами
Реклама та просування в пошукових системах

Why we are chosen

From our digital product studio you are getting a team of seasoned, collocated professionals who know each other well and have lots of experience in working together.

A comprehensive approach

Agile team of JS programmers

Integration with the client's team

Integrations and the start of new projects

Designers side by side with developers

Specialization and focus on JS

They trust us