Software Development

General information

Creating of a software is the main activity of SoftPro company.

We provide a full cycle of services connected with development, application and support of a software.

Our specialists carry out tasks from conceptual modelling to technical support providing for final product users and to updates preparation for new versions production.
Since 2008 we create our own elaborations.

Our specialization is a web-oriented software.

The main computer language of our elaborations is JavaScript.

We created unique complex programmed resolutions for Kyiv Municipal State Administration, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regional government administrations, several ministries and many borough councils.
The list of realized projects for a state sector is given here.

We work entirely officially.
We provide terms of non-cash transaction for services rendered.

We save our clients’ time, efforts and money for projecting and elaboration of programmed means.

Unfortunately, we do not work with finishing of technically and morally obsolete software (for example, desktop versions of a software).
In such cases we propose a web-oriented elaboration from scratch.

We guarantee keeping and optimization of your data for the further usage.

We apply our own resolutions in different projects.
We elaborated modules which make it possible to work with large volumes of data safely and quickly. 

We provide a full list of services within a base of geoinformational resources creating. 

We rent out our own server park (physical and virtual).  

Composition of the service

Розробка і супровід додатків, програмних засобів, додаткових програмних рішень, що уже наявні у замовника.
Розробка і модернізаця користувацьких інтерфейсів.
Навчання IT- спеціалістів зі сторони замовника.
Проектування і розробка програмних засобів.
Процесне консультування
Аудит якості програних засобів.

Why we are chosen

From our digital product studio you are getting a team of seasoned, collocated professionals who know each other well and have lots of experience in working together.

A comprehensive approach

Agile team of JS programmers

Integration with the client's team

Integrations and the start of new projects

Designers side by side with developers

Specialization and focus on JS

They trust us