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Software product development

Our experience

We offer software development, web development and DevOps services. We work with customers around the world to help them build software products and web applications that meet their needs. Our team deals with projects of any complexity, from small sites to large-scale projects.
Several software complexes have been developed for maintaining land and urban cadastres. They meet the needs of customers in the gradual deployment of such complexes in accordance with strategic plans for the phased implementation of such systems and in accordance with changes in legislation that affect functional requirements. Such developments of ours had the experience of scaling and integration among themselves and with other information resources and services of local and national levels.
We have considerable experience in creating systems for managing objects and processes of urban development, arranging and maintaining data on green spaces, property objects, infrastructure restoration or development projects, accounting for destruction, needs and territorial development projects. The functionality of such systems also meets the needs of direct users, who have the opportunity to process applications more quickly and efficiently, create document templates, use current technologies for identification and verification of users, applicants or visitors to public system portals.
We have experience in the development and modernization of geoinformation systems of territories, communities, enterprises and events. We develop in accordance with the concepts of creating national and regional infrastructures of geospatial data, creating the infrastructure of geospatial data of the European Union "INSPIRE", the main provisions of the set of standards ISO 19100 - Geographic information / Geomatics, technical specifications of the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium), scientific works on the metadata of geoinformation resources, methods and technologies of geoportal construction, using Open Source tools.
The software complex of our development has been successfully accounting for the number of visitors to institutions for decades thanks to video analysis technologies. Determines the number, distinguishes the figures of adults and children, reliably calculates the number of people in groups, constantly learns and with every minute of use it better distinguishes any object from a person. The use of high-quality equipment, both for computing units and for the server, allows you to achieve the maximum speed of data processing and bring the accuracy of determination closer to 100%.
For dozens of years, our software products have been simplifying work with data on tenants and landlords, real estate objects, concluded contracts with additions to them, utility services and costs for operating the premises. Functions simultaneously as a storage and workspace in digital format and is constantly updated according to modern business and technology needs
Among the implemented developments, we have systems for geoanalytics and geomarketing, which allow us to analyze the effectiveness of placing various objects on a real map of the area. The analysis is based on a wide range of data on the area, transport infrastructure, location and population density, location of similar competing objects and other indicators that help make the optimal choice.

Why choose us?

We provide high-quality web development and DevOps services to ensure your success of the project. Our experienced team deals with projects of any complexity, from creating simple ones websites to complex software products. We are always ready for cooperation and will do everything to meet your needs and requirements.
We guarantee really fast page transitions, filtering, generating reports, uploading raster images, importing and exporting exchange files.
Reliable storage of customer data and work of developed algorithms.
Reliable communication and interaction with the customer at all stages of project implementation.
Own infrastructure for project management.
Experience in the development of software products since 2008.

Our services

We have extensive experience in software development, web development and DevOps. Our projects are successfully implemented in various industries, from small businesses to large corporations.


Development and maintenance of software and solutions available to the customer.


Development and modernization of user interfaces.


Training of IT specialists from the customer's side.


Design and development of software tools.


Process consulting


Software quality audit.


Our company offers a professional approach to software development, web development and DevOps. We we adhere to standards and use the latest technologies to ensure high product quality. Our development processes are teamwork, constant testing and ensuring interaction with the client on at each stage.

Product prototyping

Prototyping your future product allows you to uncover assumptions and biases you have about your ideas, uncovering insights about your users that can be used to improve the overall design before investing time and money into development

A minimally viable product

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a new product that allows you to test your idea by observing how customers actually behave with the product and drive whether they will buy it.

Product scaling

We are constantly improving the product to expand your business. A series of small but meaningful testing iterations that meet market demands can help scale your product.
Сталася помилка зверніться до відділу підтримки.


From our digital product studio you are getting a team of seasoned, collocated professionals who know each other well and have lots of experience in working together.

Are you ready to discuss the project?

Of course, we are always open for cooperation and ready to discuss your project. Our team experts from happy to help you with software development, web development and DevOps solutions, using advanced technologies. Contact us!
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