SoftPro is a software developer consisting of highly qualified specialists with a lot of experience in their field. Also we offer our own complete solutions.
Our specialization is web-based software. The main programming language of all our solutions is JavaScript.
This software, most of all, is a desktop version. We don’t develop outdated and obsolete technologies. Therefore, we must refuse such type of work. But with a big pleasure we can develop a similar web-based up-to-date software according to your wishes.
We are honest taxpayers and working officially, therefore, we receive non-cash payments.
Yes, we have many years of experience in implementing large and complex projects for various government agencies.  You can find the list of our projects for the public sector at the following link - www 
What have attitude to buying or renting of server equipment, it is better to decide by yourself according to your financial capabilities and prospects. But we have our own server park and can provide physical, as well as virtual servers for our clients.
Our team consists of highly qualified specialists, who can offer a bunch of different services in creating geodatabases. Our specialists have developed special modules which allow to work with large volumes of data. Scanning, binding, geocoding, digitizing, converting are just a part of the services which we can offer.

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