Since the foundation day SoftPro completely supports world initiative Open Source.

We support openness of software for studying and modernization.
It is the best way of professionalism development in communicatory sphere and its prosperity in Ukraine and all over the world.
Spreading of open qualitative and modern software is evidently necessary.

Application of open software technologies is an advantage not only owing to economy on their purchase.
Moreover, they are widespread and popular among specialists all over the world.
Quality of open software is confirmed by technical expertises.
It remains available for usage, studying and upgrading in due course.

We support all-European approach concerning schools for higher education.
They should prepare specialists, who aspire to develop the possibilities of open software.
Studying the best working patterns of the code, young specialists contribute into solution of different technical tasks.

Constructing of geoportals develops with constant changes of universal informational-communicative technologies.
Annually come out updates of instrumental programming means, operating systems, develop portable and mobile devices.
New computers and telephones become cheaper and accessible. They request a software, applications, updates and so on.

In Ukraine methods and means of geoportals building with Open Source products usage are being developed.
They guarantee needs of national infrastructure of geospatial data forming.
By means of Open Source geoportals of public geoinformational resources are being created for central executive agency, specific cadastres and local government administrations.

We worthily respond growing needs of communicatory services market.
Geoportals creating by SoftPro is based on the following:
  • conception of national and regional infrastructures of geospatial data creation,
  • conception of the European Union infrastructure "INSPIRE" geospatial data creation,
  • fundamental series of standards ISO 19100 principles – geographical information/ Geomatics,
  • technical specifications of OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) in the matter of geoportal and general geoservices sample model,
  • scientific works about forming, cataloging and using of metadata about geoinformational resources, methods and technologies geoportals constructing, in particular about the application of Open Source means,
  • usage of object-relational system of databases PostgreSQL management,
  • usage of storage and finishing functions broadening geospatial data PostGIS,
  • usage of open instrumental means: QGIS, TileMill, Mapnik and so on.
Mentioned means are rather functional and do not demand any licenses for separate component. They secure unification according to international and national standarts of spatial data.

Open GIS platforms are successfully used in big GIS-projects realization in Ukraine and abroad:
  • topo data base of France (keeps and updates information about more than 100 million of topographical objects);
  • municipal GIS of Uster, Switzerland (content and functions are like city planning cadastre system of Ukraine);
  • server and programme services of public cadastral map of Ukraine;
  • geoportal of administrative-territorial system of Ukraine;
  • specialized complex SOFTPRO: City planning cadastre (fits with working normative documents concerning structure and conducting arrangement of city planning cadastre of Ukraine);
  • SOFTPRO subsystem:Geoportal.

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