About company

SOFTPRO is a team of developers of web-oriented software, which since 2008 has been creating and developing its own products, conducts web integration, consults and modernizes software, provides technical support.

Our story

Monitoring the consequences of war, administrative-territorial system

Continued working on our own software products and developed a platform which monitors the socio-economic consequences of the war and population displacement in the east of Ukraine and the geoportal of the administrative and territorial system of Ukraine.

Urban cadastre

We continued to expand the arsenal of modules and subsystems for the SoftPro software complex: Urban cadastre.

Smart Green Bila Tserkva,

For the first time, lunched the online portal of green spaces Smart Green Bila Tserkva, launched and expanded updated geo-information solutions for 5 cities within the “Cities of Virtue” project the 'Advertising Management' subsystem for the SoftPro software complex: City Planning cadastre.

Ukrainian emigration, Odesa, Mariupol, territorial communities

The portal of the first virtual necropolis of the Ukrainian emigration was implemented, implemented the information and analytical system of green areas of the city of Odesa and a special map development of the city of Mariupol, introduced a number of geo-information systems and portals for accounting of assets of united territorial communities.

Lviv, Uzhgorod, Unified State Electronic System in the field of construction.

We carried out large-scale updates of the network online pharmacy 'Aptekar' and the Lvivska geoportal of the city council, introduced the GIS of Uzhhorod city assets, started work and launched the first one the development cycle of the Unified State Electronic System in the field of construction.

Before and after

Developed and implemented GIS of the natural environment of the Zaporizhzhia region. From the moment invasion, we are actively working on the creation of regional systems for accounting for the inflicted damage and destruction as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation...

Why we are chosen

We strive to be at the forefront of technological development and use the latest technologies and tools to achieve the best results for our clients. We also strive to achieve high product quality and monitor quality at every stage of development and implementation.

A comprehensive approach

Agile team of JS programmers

Integration with the client's team

Integrations and the start of new projects

Designers side by side with developers

Specialization and focus on JS

Company values

Our company prioritizes relationships with clients and partners. We seek to understand needs of our customers and offer the most effective solutions. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers and partners to ensure their success.

The priority of the company's goals

We work towards common goals and always think strategically as a team.


Цінуємо наші відмінності, спрямовуємо у творчість все різноманіття досвіду.EN


We are responsible for compliance with deadlines and high-quality performance of assigned tasks and feedback to the manager and/or customer.

Agility and flexibility

We see change as an opportunity, we change everything except our desire to implement change.

How we work

01 Planning
02 Analysis
03 Design
04 Development
05 Testing
06 Launching
We collect requirements and needs of users, create technical requirements, plan general functionality website.
We determine for whom the site will be created, its functionality, design and technical requirements. Importantly understand the needs and expectations of the target audience in order to provide the most convenient and useful website.
We determine the appearance of the site and the technical solutions that will be used for it developments. High-quality and effective design will ensure convenient and pleasant use of the site, and correctly selected technologies will allow you to create a functional and fast site.
We implement functionality, including database and server side development. We provide optimal website speed and maximum security.
We check all the functions and capabilities of the site, as well as detect and correct errors that occur while the website is running.
We ensure stable operation and security of the site.

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