Since 2008 SOFTPRO company does the following:
  • creates web-working outs,
  • carries out web-integration,
  • consults concerning elaboration and upgrading of software,
  • upgrades software,
  • provides technical support.
We realized several scores of projects such as: corporative Web sites, software for a videocalculation of visitors, online-shops, geoportals of open data, geoinformational systems for sectoral enterprises and state structures, online-pharmacies, software for immobility guidance, software for geomarketing and so on.

We elaborate web-oriented software.

We realize ІТ-projects of different complicacy.
We accomplish all the tasks from due diligence, analysis of business processes and making up of technical specifications to elaboration and maintenance of final products.
We supply necessary licenced software and server equipment.

 Our elaborations are used by:
  • considerable industrial enterprises,
  • commercial entities,
  • networks of pharmacies,
  • large shopping centres,
  • state structures.

We have an experience of projects’ realization in different spheres such as:
  • electronic trading,
  • geomarketing,
  • administrative services,
  • pharmaceutics,
  • geoinformational technologies,
  • cartography,
  • insurance,
  • energetics, oil and gas industry,
  • production of building materials and so on…
During elaborations SOFTPRO company uses the following:
  • basic platforms of open geoinformational products,
  • object-relational control system of databases PostgreSQL,
  • PostGIS geospatial data storage and processing functions expansion,
  • QGIS open instrumental systems and other open means.

Mentioned means are rather functional and do not  require any licences for separate components, guaranteeing necessary unification due to international and national standards for spatial data for storage and usage of informational resources.

In the scope of geoinformational systems realization SOFTPRO company bases on the following:
  • conception of national and regional infrastructures of geospatial data creation,
  • conception of the European Union infrastructure "INSPIRE" geospatial data creation,
  • fundamental series of standards ISO 19100 principles – geographical information/ Geomatics,
  • technical specifications of OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium),
  • scientific works of national  and foreign scholars concerning metadata of geoinformational resources, methods and technologies of geoportals constructing, application of Open Source means.

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