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Nowadays within Ukrainian society formed an extremely high level of interest and expectations from application of current informational technologies in the spheres of life everyone deals with and they always evoke a broad resonance.

Загальна інформація

We took part in elaboration and application of Smart City systems of Kyiv and Lviv. We found approaches to carry out tasks and to solve problems, that arise during elaboration of complexes with such broad range of application. We continue working on the improvement of our own elaborations within this sphere.

With independence Ukraine got an unpleasant hereditary corruption, which still spoils citizens’ life.
During the first decades of independent history society was actively solving problems of own holding and privatizing, but closer to the third decade the questions of other spheres became more weighty.
Neglected municipal economy, closed prices formation of energy sources for final users, scandals concerned with assignment of public assets, expenses on their holding and so on.

Basic dictates to informational services formed in a response to ubiquitous problems such as:
  • Clarity – an accessibility for a large community, frankness for monitoring,
  • Reasonableness – an expediency from the viewpoint of technologically, scientifically and economically available level,
  • Mobility – an access to the information by means of generally applicable hardware and technologies.

Thus, following conceptions got their popularity: 
  • Smart City is a smart city with automatized administration processes, accessible for dwellers’ monitoring, simplified system of communal payment and structured honest and successive process of diverse services reception, automatized monitoring of engineering systems condition, rapid response.
  • Transparent office is an arrangement of services’ and administration’s work with a customer focus, that would have guaranteed provision of services’ honesty and quality to satisfy the requirements of the population.
  • Smart transport is an organization and qualitative support of synchronization, development of the most reasonable combinations and traffic schemes, actions directed on a normalization of traffic intensity within transport capillary system.
  • Smart house is an application of the most modern building technologies, materials, automatics systems, sensors and programme complexes for optimisation of expenses on housing and non-housing maintenance lodgings and organization of ideal conditions for responsible aims of their exploitation.
  • Smart management is an application of programmed and technical means within organizations of all demesnes, directed at expenses optimization, maintenance of resources and steady development.

Gradually efficient modern solutions are being created, that substituted "Soviet inheritance" which had created a lot of dissatisfaction and indignation from final consumers of communal and administrative services.

Nowadays there are all the possibilities to satisfy the requirements by means of programmed items, geoportal and platform resolutions, public services, which the population has an access to.

Since 2012 SoftPro company elaborates and introduces full-scale platform resolutions within local levels on the basis of Open Source technologies for unitary base of city assets creating and their effective management.

Owing to active participation in elaboration and introduction of Smart City systems in such foremost cities of Ukraine as Kyiv and Lviv, we have a priceless experience and have already found methodical and systematic approaches to the resolution of the widest matters field and problems arising during the elaboration of complexes with such a broad application field and we work further on improvement of our own achievements within this sphere of work.

Simultaneously many representatives of different departments and local boards services can work on these platforms autonomously and efficiently. Among noteworthy are: management of city planning, architecture and design of city environment, agrarian resources, municipal property, city economy, investment objects, culture, advertising, also management of administrative services, energetics, transport and communication, residential sector, municipal economy and planning and organization of public services, public utilities,  education, health protection, juridical policy and quality, social policy and so on.

Platforms make it possible to manage objects from different registers such as: register of buildings, municipal property, plots of land, address register, lists of diverse conventions, organizations-counteragents, city planning documentation, archaeological cadastre, citizens’ appeals and so on.


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