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SoftPro programmed complex: City planning cadastre is created for forming and actualization of city planning cadastre informational resources. It is used for local executive agencies and local government administrations, that carry out a management in the sphere of city planning and architecture, due to a constant city development, also informational needs satisfaction in the sphere of city planning activity of  organizations, enterprises, public associations and citizens on the basis of forming, integration, constant updating and effective usage of geoinformational resources about a city territory with an application of modern geoinformational technologies.

SoftPro: City planning cadastre is an efficient instrument in an accomplishment of the following main tasks:

  • - prognostication of a development, planning and building of cities;
  • - accounting of land plots, houses and buildings, their owners and users;
  • - regulation of agrarian relations within a city territory and allotment of land plots;
  • - placing, projecting, building and reconstruction of housing-civil, manufacturing, communal objects and objects of other purposes;
  • - social, engineering and transport infrastructure development;
  • - determination of areas for land economical and normative monetary valuation, reasoning of land plots, houses and buildings taxation dimensions and cost;
  • - municipal economy objects and engineering systems of population life support exploitation, these objects state monitoring, forming of programmes for their development and reconstruction;
  • - evaluation of transport system, telecommunications and appropriate infrastructure condition and development, preparation of transport system development projects within a city territory;
  • - accounting and protection of architectural and city planning monuments, historical settlements regeneration;
  • - monitoring of zoning demands, conditions and restrictions observance during a building and other land usage;
  • - accounting of natural resources and landscapes within a city territory, planning of their usage, protection and recreation;
  • - control of rational territorial resources usage, analysis of ratified city planning, land management documentation realization and other;
  • - monitoring of natural and man-caused conditions for city planning activity performing in accordance with engineering searchings results;
  • - environmental monitoring of surroundings (physical, chemical, biological pollution of air, soil, subsoil, surface water and groundwater taking into account sources of pollution, its scopes and recurrence);
  • - determination of environmental influence on population’s health, elaboration of environmental improvement programmes;
  • - prognostication and valuation of resolved resolutions consequences within an environmental protection sphere;
  • - informational support of warning system organs activity and actions in emergency situations, including database of natural and man-caused potentially dangerous objects creating, evaluation and prognostication of possible emergency situations arisal and consequences;
  • - improvement of territory investment attractiveness owing to a geoinformational support of investment operations;
  • - informational support of tourist attractiveness and tourism development within a city territory;
  • - city territory division into districts during the processes of elections preparation and conducting, population census and other statistical observations;
  • - supplying projects of city planning, land management, ecological security and other ones concerning city territory development with actual and reliable output information;
  • - informing of community about environmental condition within a city territory, proper use of territorial resources and city development plans;
  • - accomplishment of industrial tasks(connected with an information concerning a spatial placing and spatial interaction of objects and phenomena within a city territory) by different organizations, services and establishments.



Subsystem of city planning cadastre server
Subsystem of city planning documentation registration and accounting
Subsystem of informational resources of unitary digital topographical base database management
Subsystem of city planning cadastre objects geospatial database management
Subsystem of address register management
Subsystem of city planning monitoring
Subsystem of city planning cadastre public data geoportal


Data search concerning objects within cities, provinces and regions in a whole, by means of an access to stored and deposited information of provincial, city and regional levels databases owing to request to this systems of city or/and regional levels with results visualization in a form of a cartographical image on a screen display
Production of graphical (including cartographical) documents, informational support of project structures adoption conducting analogously to city level system demands
Computer analysis of region, province, city territories and providing a user with a possibility to draw a conclusion for decisions taking on the basis of a territory digital cartographic analysis model
Possibility of modelling, visual representation and regularities determination in processes and phenomena, that occur within a given territory boundaries
Accumulation of special information in user’s relational database and geospatial data of regional level
Data exchange and informational systems data usage on a provincial level of city and regional levels
Collective use of data from city planning cadastre database of city and regional levels and user’s data in solving objective tasks of management
Data visualization in a form of "electronic" cartographical image on a screen display analogously to city level system demands
Processing of cumulative data analogously to city level system demands



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