GIS for management of a fan-zone in Kyiv during UEFA Euro-2012

GIS for management of a fan-zone in Kyiv during UEFA Euro-2012

GIS for management of a fan-zone in Kyiv during 2012 UEFA European Football Championship 

There was elaborated an Internet portal for representing a full reference information of «Euro-2012» host city Kyiv in English, Russian, Ukrainian languages for mobile (laptop, mobile phone, Handheld) and desktop devices through the Internet. Organization of leisure for guests of Euro-2012 by means of social services of a portal: sporting events, educational activities, cultural events. Organization of automatized service of support for Euro-2012 guests with geo-referencing through technologies LBS and GPS.

General realized objectives of the project:

  • Provision of information about Euro-2012 schedule and course of events,
  • Representation of the latest news, connected with Euro,
  • Sale of tickets to the matches of Euro-2012, held in Ukraine,
  • Information concerning cultural and recreational events.

Informational goals:

  • Accommodation,
  • Transport,
  • Food,
  • Leisure,
  • Safety (guard, escort),
  • Medical care,
  • Legal services.

Cartographical goals:

  • Cartographical representation and navigation within Kyiv territory
  • Informational search of objects with a cartographical representation
  • Providing a search of routes and transport availability 
  • Representation of traffic congestion

Media goals:

  • Poviding a webcasting of matches
  • Live broadcast from online-camera, located in Kyiv fan-zone 

  • Chat
  • Forum
  • Integration in social networks

Mobile devices:

  • Poviding a functioning of a portal on mobile devices like a Handheld and a mobile phone.

The system is created on the base of unified means of computer technics and operating systems, instrumental means of programming and DBMS with open codes and a free license.
User interface is consistent with the standards of Common user interface (CUA - Common User Access) Windows 2000/Windows XP.

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