Geoportal of administrative-territorial system of Ukraine

Geoportal of administrative-territorial system of Ukraine

Software of administrative-territorial system of Ukraine data geoportal provides database and metadata concerning an administrative-territorial system of Ukraine creating, filling, keeping in an actual state and an access to them in the Internet. 
Software of geoportal contains software tools and databases, which support automatized accomplishment of the following main functions concerning creating and using of data and metadata base of administrative-territorial system of Ukraine:

  • forming and supporting of metadata base about administrative-territorial system of Ukraine, which should comply with international ISO 19115 series standards: Geographic Information / Geomatics. Metadata by the structure of the main metadata chapters;
  • creating and functioning of a specialized cartographical web server as the main means of an access to metadata in the Internet on the base of electronic maps-navigators on the territory of Ukraine and its separate political units;
  • requests forming to the data and to the metadata base for an information search concerning administrative-territorial system units by a thematic classifier like geospatial data sets, key words, object place name and/or spatial scope (coordinates);
  • review of administrative-territorial system metadata;
  • forming, supporting and using of a geo-coded trilingual (Ukrainian, Russian languages and Roman alphabet) reference book of administrative-territorial system units (gazetteer) with an access to it on the geoportal cartographical web server;
  • forming, supporting and using of geoportals catalogue and other web resources with a geographical information with links to cartographical web servers of Ukraine and the most important geoinformational resources of other countries in the Internet, such as the portals of cosmic photos and global mapping of the Earth ecological and nature-oriented thematics;
  • export/import of exchangeable XML files with metadata of geoinformational resources complying with international ISO/TS 19139 series standards.

Database of administrative-territorial system of Ukraine is a means of data about population centres and other administrative-territorial system objects integration.
Database should contain COATSU codes, settlements denominations, administrative-territorial system units and changes of their denominations, status, category and so on, geographical coordinates of population centres (longitude, latitude), information about administrative subordination and supplementary information.
Database of administrative-territorial system of Ukraine is created on the base of USSR reference book: Administrative-territorial system: January 1, 1987. – К.: Main. ed. USE. 1987. – 504 p. During the creation of database there was used a Classifier of administrative-territorial system of Ukraine (CОАТSU) objects and changes to it. 

All types of administrative-territorial system objects contain:
  • code of CОАТSU; 
  • denomination in Ukrainian; 
  • denomination in Russian; 
  • denomination in Roman alphabet; 
  • administrative subordination.

Database is informationally compatible with a digital map of Ukraine with a 1:100 000 scale.
Database contains changes, which occured within administrative-territorial system and settlements since January 1, 1987 by key positions of changes. Changes are introduced due to acts of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, resolutions of provincial radas, published in a weekly newspaper of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – «News of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine».

Renewals of data were performed in the process of work in case of official information supplying.
Geospatial data sets are created on the base of topographical maps with a 1:100 000 scale. 
As a basis of a software architecture there was taken a conception of geoportal OGC consortium reference architecture. 

Geoportal reference architecture is based on a general service oriented architecture (SOA – Service Oriented Architecture), which determines an inherent way of a software presentation in an informational network. 
Structurally in a service oriented geoportal model there distinguished service types, realization of which provides a basic geoportal functionality for an access and usage of geoinformational resources in the Internet. 

A software is constructed by a logical architecture “client-server” as a part of database and programmed applications server and "light client".
Clients components functionate in the medium of a standard web browser like Internet Explorer and are loaded from the server at the beginning of a session as a usual HTML-page with a minimal amount of informational resources, necessary to support a graphical interface of user’s interaction with a programme. 

Such an architecture admits scaling and different types of concrete programmed-technical complexes physical realization for filling and using of a catalogue and a metadata base in territorially distributed network of geoportals.
Since operating system Windows is the most widespread operating medium of modern personal computers, then as the main GEOPORTAL technology of software elaboration there was chosen the most modern technology Mіcrosoft Sіlverlіght, which is an official name of a technology with a code name WPF/E (Wіndows Presentatіon Foundatіon Everywhere), based on XML and NET means. 

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