Geoinformation technologies

We willingly come up to the search of new technical solvings of clients’ tasks.

Загальна інформація

Databases allow to create dynamical solutions, that meet actual customer’s requirements and make it possible to develop geoinformational systems in the future.

Since 2008 SoftPro realizes projects applying geoinformational technologies. We worked out the project of geoinformational systems aiming at solving tasks of different complicacy level such as the following: - Projects of local level: GIS for Boryspil international airport, GIS of fan-zone administration in Kyiv during UEFA Euro 2012, GIS for Rivne nuclear power plant, geoportals of towns and regions, geoportals of SoftPro systems: town planning cadastre for towns of regional and provincial significance, development and introduction of Mayno Informational-Analytical System for Kyiv and so on. - Projects of All-Ukrainian level: GIS of population census conducting monitoring in 2012 in Ukraine, Geoportal of the State Geodetic Network of Ukraine, Data platform for socially-economical consequences of a conflict and movement monitoring on the East of Ukraine, Geoportal of Administrative-territorial system of Ukraine, GIS of deforestation monitoring in Ukraine and so on. - International projects: we take part in all-European products’ development such as EuroGeographics (EuroBoundaryMap (EBM), EuroRegionalMap (ERM) and EuroGlobalMap (Воса)). SoftPro is a team of this work enthusiasts, professionals with considerable experience of various informational projects’ embodiment, led by scholars (Doctors of Engineering and Candidates of technical sciences). We went outward the statical electronic maps that everyone got used to long ago.  We combine broad possibilities of databases with diverse information representation by means of cartographical and analytical forms. Owing to databases, when the need of slight renovations arises, to put data files in accordance with current legislation or other norms, mass data remain unchangeable and may be regrouped and expanded, that does not have an influence on the system work quality. We have our own lifelength with using of open cartographical bases and a functional of statistical reports with their visualization on a map and in a form of indicators within real time. We willingly come up to the search of new technical solvings of clients’ tasks.


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