Geoanalytics should be supposed to be one of the most applied tasks of modern geoinformational systems, which helps to evaluate any objects and events from the viewpoint of their position in the space and time by necessary evaluation parameters.

Загальна інформація

Modern technical possibilities, means of analysis and prognostication make it possible to find optimal solutions almost in any situations and spheres.
Among a large work of SoftPro company within geoanalytics sphere, namely geomarketing occured SoftPro:GEOANALYTIC system.
To talk about the advantages of a geomarketing usage, it is necessary to evaluate its spent money part, potential income or potential economy of its usage.
Geomarketing affords an opportunity equally both to get an income and to avoid losses.
Means of geoanalysis make it possible to calculate an influence grade of implicit factors, such as:
- real route distance to the object for the visitor, not just a distance between determined points,
- analysis of influence zones spatial locations and their intersections combinations for different influence factors,
- analysis of spatial theoretical modelling zones on a real locality map,
- analysis of spatial changes with time dynamics for a continuous prognostication,
- analysis by pattern and density of existing and planned building,
- analysis by pattern and density of inhabitants for a certain locality,
- analysis by pattern and density of accessible transport network,
- analysis by time cycles (availability within day lengths of time),
- prognostication of extrapolated zones for new types of services or objects,
- analysis by pattern and density of «points of interest» surrounding the object (for example, tourist interest objects, which enliven a general flow of people),
- analysis by pattern and density of «points of risk» surrounding the object (objects, that cause constant or temporary risks, that affect adversely and illustrate a reduction of visitors quantity, as, for example, places of blocking or limitation of transport traffic because of durable repairing work carrying on highways and roundabouts, also other seasonal preventive measures, that cause temporary inconveniences).
One of the most important points for geomarketing researches conducting is an actuality and fullness of a database that is being used within the analysis.
Everyone intends to apply geomarketing principles, develops and broadens client bases, works on rise of both leadgeneration on the Web sites and of visitors quantity in establishments, but the most evident and the most efficient method of selling extension is considered an increase of visitors flow, therefore everyone aims at own establishments placing in lively localities.
It doesn’t always work, but a wide round of entrepreneurs acts like this, ensuring decisions with a wide flow of prospective clients.
Sometimes it is too difficult to take into account numbers of factors during new trading outlet opening.
Development department of one or another company may be wrong concerning new lodging for a shopping centre in a zone with high population density and traffic flow, but may not take into account rivals density or territorial obstructions (avenue width, passage absence, protective fences and so on) and may set aside absolutely another lodging, which is in the zone with less population density, almost doesn’t have rivals in a radius and may provide more income with less leasing cost.
Just as within dynamical modern Ukrainian economics everyone understands, that trading centres and provision of services institutions change their locations quite often, so firstly it is necessary to take into consideration an actuality of research data.
We constantly work on renewal and actualization of information to increase researches results quality.
Also a great advantage of geomarketing is a possibility of a visual evaluation of territorial zones on an interactive map taking into accounts given requests (population, transport and so on), rivals zones and to create a visual analysis concerning the best trading place for your area of activity.
Such a sussessful visual representation of the situation makes it possible even for assistant-workers who don’t have a special experience in geoanalytics, but know what they want from marketing to take an apt decision.


- побудова моделі Хаффа
- розрахунок потенційного обсягу відвідувачів об’єктів,
- моделювання розміщення потенційних об’єктів,
- моделювання із врахуванням впливу конкурентних об’єктів,
- аналіз привабливості територій для розміщення нових об’єктів,
- аналіз конкуренції в радіусі 300 метрів навколо окремих об’єктів,
- аналіз привабливості доступних(для оренди чи купівлі) приміщень,
- збереження і експортування звітів для подальшого використання.
- аналіз щільності об’єктів мережі,
- аналіз конкурентів для окремого об’єкту мережі,
- розрахунок потенційних зон відвідувань об’єктів,

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