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Our specialists upgrade existing online-shops up to the level of modern resources, where sorting, searching and transitions within the catalogues come about in a moment.

Since 2007 SoftPro creates systems of electronic trade and applies synchronization with various services and programmes. We develop this trend of activity.

Our shops meet the customers’ needs and actual functional tendencies, existing in the field by the moment of creating.

We carefully keep up with world-wide achievements and trends of this informational elaborations broad segment, we use methods and elaborations verified by own experience and proceed looking for better solutions.

Our developments allow to work with millions of positions easily and safely.

Catalogue consisting of 100 000 drug items or catalogues with millions of car spares will be confidently structured and represented to end-consumers owing to e-commerce systems of SoftPro

Owing to optimized algorithms and right databases projecting sorting among ten thousands of positions last a split second.

Modifications, several goods prices (wholesale, companionate, at a reduced price…), different provision dates and so on does not create a complicacy for us – this is our work and aims, which we achieve neatly.

We created one of the first Internet chemist's shops in Ukraine and today thanks to the experience and dozens of projects in pharmaceutics we know the niceties and peculiarity of this business.

For adequate money you receive valuable profitable resource, that will not require your additional unjustified efforts and resources.


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If Softpro technologies interested you and you are concerned about introducing them on your own resources we will share a supplementary practical information regarding possibilities of an application.

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