Mercury e-commerce platform

Mercury e-commerce platform

First Mercury e-commerce platform was elaborated in 2013. Platform makes it possible to create not just an online-shop, but also to organize a synchronization with bookkeeping and banking software, to support an actuality of prices and offers, to conduct comfortable online-purchases for user.

Basic instruments of Softpro Mercury e-commerce system:

1. Instruments of filtering (filters by):
                - price,
                - manufacturer,
                - technical characteristics.

2. Choice of goods quantity to display on a page.

3. Photo of goods with a gallery.

4. Goods rating (stars of rating).

5. Reviews about goods.

6. Delivery terms for goods (for example, if the goods price provides a free delivery, the user sees it at once)/

7. Buttons «Like» and «Share» for social networks, popular messengers and so on)

8. Automation of an online-shop:
            - link with 1С, Automatic forming of price-list on the Web site and many other innovations owing to the following technologies: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and so on,
            - synchronization of discount cards,
            - synchronization of goods catalogue from 1C (description, availability, prices and so on),
            - automatic system of reductions and discounts assignment depending on client’s purchases quantity,
            - automatized cart, delivery method depends on the city choice, payment method depends on delivery method choice.

Also extra functional Modules of Softpro Mercury e-commerce premium version are available:

  • Discount module for registered clients,
  • Selected goods module,
  • Multicurrency price module,
  • Discount price module,
  • Goods quantity module,
  • Similar goods module,
  • Module of an automatic delivery method choice depending on the locality,
  • Courier services choice module,
  • Module of courier services warehouses addresses view (representation on a minimap),
  • Module of an automatic payment method choice depending on the delivery method,
  • Module of delivery addresses choice for authorized clients.

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