Geoportals and GIS development

General information

We create geoinformational systems with different complication levels.

Modern geoinformational platforms allow to represent, to save and to manage spatial data in the Internet.

We create GIS since 2008 to carry out different tasks such as:

  • -geoportals construction,
  • - corporative analytical data visualization, 
  • - hosting of geodata,
  • -large projects creating on several servers and terabytes of spatial and other data.

Geoportal is an applied service-oriented technology of providing an access to information resources.

Geoportal is in line with a three-tiered logical structure:
database server for geospatial data, documentation and other data storage;
programmed services for registers database creating and supporting, for geospatial data finishing and  electronic maps forming;
client’s AW (automated workplaces) software for data usage according to the set tasks.

Database server contains:
geospatial database (Geodatabase) with traditional registers (boundaries of administrative-territorial system, borders of registered agrarian programmes and informational resources of data platform in the state cadastre;
metadata of geospatial database objects classes electronic catalogue
• register of system users and of their access regulation to programmes and to data platform informational resources.

The platform is constructed by modular principle.

In each module there separated following functional components:
graphical web-interface for base of programmed module profile and its applied functions access and management;
base of profile geospatial data of a programmed module; 
database of objects classes and their attributes catalogue for profile (thematic) geospatial data of a programmed module
built-in SQL procedures and functions support creating of new and updating of existing module profile data and supply their domain links quantity and spatial-topological integrity;
programmes that realize functions of applied analysis services and usage of profile data of a module; 
sets of data, that describe projects of thematic electronic maps for automatized forming and displaying on geoportal using a cartographical server and a cartographical service of WMS platform;
service of information insertion.

We construct all platforms on the basis of general infrastructure of data exchange within corporative and global informational networks.

We create geoportals using modern web-portal and service-oriented production, storage and access to informational resources providing technologies.

Composition of the service

Створення системи управління просторовими даними;
Створення клієнтських веб-додатків платформи;
Створення клієнтських функцій API;
Створення серверних функцій АРІ для управління даними системи.

Why we are chosen

From our digital product studio you are getting a team of seasoned, collocated professionals who know each other well and have lots of experience in working together.

A comprehensive approach

Agile team of JS programmers

Integration with the client's team

Integrations and the start of new projects

Designers side by side with developers

Specialization and focus on JS

They trust us