Private enterprise SOFTPRO + (“SOFTPRO”) uses the cookie technology in order to offer you a more personalized and high-quality web service. In this Statement of SOFTPRO on the use of cookies, we will provide you full information about how and for what purpose we use cookies on this website.

Any changes we may make to this Statement on the use of cookies in the future will be given on this page. Please check regularly whether this Statement has been clarified or amended.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files or pieces of information that can be stored on your computer (or other Internet-compatible devices, such as a smartphone or tablet) when you visit the site. This type of file usually contains the name of the site from which it was obtained, the “lifetime” of the file (for example, how long it will remain on the device), and the value, which is, as a rule, a randomly generated unique number.


Going to the site, the user may accidentally receive cookies from other sites or web servers that represent so-called "third-party" cookies. This is because the visited site may contain elements such as images, maps, sound files, links to individual web pages on different domains located on other servers.


Cookies do not harm your device and allow us to provide you with faster and better navigation through the site (their purpose may vary from authentication to storing information about user configurations in the access of this server, etc.) on the pages of our site. Cookies are usually present in significant amounts in each user browser and sometimes they are stored for a long time.

Cookies, used and their purpose

Below are the different types of cookies we use, their uses and information that will help you learn more about them

Cookies classification

Purpose of use
Basic cookies
(strictly necessary cookies)
Cookies of this type are used during user registration and login. Without them, the use of site resources becomes unavailable. Also, these cookies are necessary so that you can move between the pages of the site. These cookies do not collect information about you for marketing or advertising purposes and do not remember which pages of the site you visited during your stay on the site. They expire upon the completion of your visit to the site (session). This category of cookies cannot be disabled. In other words, without these cookies, our site does not work properly. Details on how you can manage cookies are described in the section “Managing cookies and their deletions” below.
Функциональные cookies
(session cookies)
Thanks to these cookies, the site remembers the settings you have chosen (for example, you entered your username, language and region in which you are located) and provide personalized use of the site. The information collected by these cookies can be made anonymous, in which case cookies will not be able to collect information about your activity on the site. As a rule, these cookies remain on your computer or other device from which you access the site until you delete them.Details on how you can manage cookies are described in the section “Managing cookies and their deletions” below
Аnalytical cookies
(operating cookies)
These cookies, including the cache of cookies, are set by analytics systems, such as Google Analytics, and collect information about how users use the site, including the number of visitors, the websites from which they came to our site and pages that users viewed on our site. site. We use this information to improve the site. Usually these cookies remain on your computers or other devices from which you access the site until you delete them. Details on how you can manage cookies are described in the section “Managing cookies and their deletions” below.
Advertising cookies
(advertising cookies)
These cookies are used to collect information about individual pages of the site that users visit (which may indicate, for example, your interests or other signs). As a rule, they are used to reflect the advertising and other marketing communications that are most suitable for your interests. They can be used to limit the number of times the advertisement is viewed by one user, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of promotional activities. Such cookies remain on your computer or other device from which you visit the site until you delete them, and remember the information about your visit to the site. They also show, or you have reached the site through an advertising link. The above information may be passed on to others (our partners or counterparties) who may use it with information about how you use other websites, including to identify common interests and behavior of user groups that visit our and other websites -sites
Other cookies:
These pages contain materials from YouTube, Facebook, Viber, Skype. Please note that we cannot influence the cookies used by these services. Found on the corresponding site.

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