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For an immobility objects management sphere requirements SoftPro company since 2008 works at creating, supporting and updating of its own elaborations, that become more comfortable for clients in the course of time.

On the whole these are the companies, that specialize in commercial immobility objects management (shopping and entertaining centres, objects on the building phase, markets, trading networks and so on).
SoftPro Programme:Leasing+ is assigned for an operative financial processes management and control, incomes of the previous periods analysis and planning of incomes of the future ones.
For these tasks realization web-oriented medium is created, that contains databases of immobility objects, leasers, contracts, charges, payments and so on with a possibility of an export into MS Word, MS Excel, PDF files.
The programme makes it possible to follow-up both a general information about a current payments status concerning several considerable immobility objects, and a situation with every single floor, department, contract, leaser.
There was created a possibility to view a history operatively (rent areas, charges, payments and debts) within any length of time with a necessary level of details concerning objects.
There is also a possibility to follow-up rent and idle areas concerning each object both in the previous periods and in the future ones. 
The programme follows-up contracts deadlines and areas that vacate, which makes it possible to take every measure beforehand concerning the situation that arose.
SoftPro:Leasing+ supports all client-banks of Ukraine (loading of data from client-bank system and  automatic payments delivery, import and archiving of excerpts, view of excerpts history, automatic determination of downloaded excerpts availability in the system) and also a possibility of double-sided synchronization of SoftPro: Leasing+ with 1С.
All the advantages of SoftPro:Leasing+ will help to save lessor’s money and his collaborators’ working hours, to automatize documents circulation, to optimize financial operations, to control debts, to control leasing department and, surely, lodgings that are being leased.



Immovable property register management
Movable property register management
Objects exploitation register management
Advertising objects register management
Inventory register management
Parking places register management
Counteragents management
Leasing contract management
Reports and analytics
Maps and plan-schemes
Exploitation management


Electronic documents circulation: - automatic generation and printing from samples of all the documentation (contracts, acts, bills, extracts and so on), - flexibility of combined contracts generating system with usage of several samples, - automatic involvement of a plan-scheme with mentioning of a leased area to the contract
Reports: - different reports generating in a form of tables, graphs, diagrams, - possibility of automatic reports results sending on leaders E-mail, - large base of gained reports samples, that are used in a work of trading and office centres leasing departments
Leasing finances management: - automatic charge and bills presenting, - debts calculation, - payment to owners, - possibility to apply own chargings formulas, discounts on periods, - several accounting departments management (bank, cash desk), - and more than 40 universal functions for a work with finances
Public utilities and meters management: - Public utilities calculation with a formula, - Public utilities classifier, - Public utilities cost accounting, - and more than 10 useful functions, that make it possible to organize work of leasing, accounting departments and engineering services maximally exactly
Leasing contracts management (feature-rich management module of leasing contracts, advertising, exploitation makes it possible to conduct an accounting of lodgings and platforms. There are more than 20 universal functions for simplicity and comfort of work with a contract)
Interactive plan-scheme: - plan-scheme of immobility objects (floors plans), - redactor, loading BTI plans, - advertising areas registration, - visual history by periods, - quick transition from lodging to contract, - lodgings search
Rights differentiation: - flexibility of differentiation settings within rights of access and operations in a system, both separate points of an interface menu and separate functions, in addition also objects, floors and landings are being delimited
Integration with an accounting software: - synchronization with 1С Account and its other programme products, - synchronization with other programmes of accounting procedures, - double-sided synchronization with ERP systems
Leasers management and calculation (conducting of management within an unlimited landlords quantity, applicability of both owners and landlords)
Integration with a banking software: - module Client-bank, that automatically downloads electronic excerpts of rental payments into the system
Safety: - a protected connection protocol between a client and a server, - log files make it possible to watch all the actions realized by system users, and therefore to have a personal responsibility


Cost of a licence for a SoftPro Programme complex:Leasing+ set supplying 

(workplaces quantity is unlimited)

Tariff planLimitationPrice, USD
50Up to 50 tenants1 600
100Up to 100 tenants
2 600
200Up to 200 tenants
3 200
300Up to 300 tenants
3 900
500Up to 500 tenants
5 100
750Up to 750 tenants
6 400
1000Up to 1000 tenants
7 600
2000Up to 2000 tenants
11 500
3000Up to 3000 tenants
16 000
Without limitsMore than 3,000 tenants
25 100

Additional services:


Implementation20 USD per hour
Module documents circulation with settings20 USD / 1 user
Vectorization of electronic plan-schemes 13 USD per hour
Migration of previous years data (MS Excel, DBMS) to a Programme complex:LEASING+
17 USD per hour
Inclusion of documents samples (10 pages with variables for free)13 USD per hour
Enlisting of forms - specialized client’s reports (3 reports for free)15 USD per hour
Installation of a programme complex on a Client’s server3500 hours
Consulting-technical support15 USD per hour
Finishing(adaptation) services of a programme complex to satisfy a Client’s requirements25 USD per hour


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