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Our specialists are able to upgrade the existing online-store from the "desert turtle” speed level of working to the level of the up-to-date resource, which is able to sort, search and make transitions through directories in a split second.

The main SoftPro’s stream, which have attitude to e-commerce systems development, are packages which are synchronized with different services and software. We have been developing this line of business since 2007 and our stores are always in line with the customers’ needs and the actual functional trends. We are monitoring the global achievements and trends of this information developments segment. We are using our own proven methods and designs, as well as we are looking for the best solutions.
Due to our own developments, our e-commerce services can easily and reliably work with millions number of items.
As well as consisting of 100,000 drug items catalog, catalogs of millions items of auto parts will be rigorously structured and presented to end users by SoftPro’s e-commerce systems. 
Due to the optimized algorithms and the correct databases design, sorting of the ten thousand items takes less than one second.
Modifications, several prices for goods (wholesale, partner, promotions ...), different delivery dates and etc.  are not hard tasks for us.  All of this are our work and our goals, which we simply achieve.
We have developed one of the first online-pharmacies in Ukraine. Having a huge experience and dozens of projects in pharmacy-field we know all the specifics of this area. 
Usually, the projects in this area are pretty expensive, but for appropriate price you can get a complete and profitable resource which won’t be a “half of the web-site” and won’t require additional needles forces and resources.
If you have your own business processes, they are is not a problem for us. Our platform isn’t a box-solution and we don’t offer such type of services and products. We are developers and we can change every module according to the wishes and needs of our clients.




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+38 (044) 360 53 20
+38 (050) 161 74 60

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